Thursday, May 19, 2016

Zibbiglidu Gobblsmakity Dui Brundigorshmoggle Gobblsmakity!

Whatsa Matta Wit Chu?

You don't speak Gobbledygook?

Well, you will in New York City. Or face quarter-million dollar fines.

Businesses that fail to use the Politically Correct terms for gender can be persecuted by Comrade DiBlasio and the city's Commission on Human Rights for Liberals Only.

Never mind that words such as "ze" instead of "he" were just invented last week.

You Vill Learn Zem and Use Zem!

By the way, Academia has identified two dozen different genders and I'm told Facebook recognizes twice that many. So it's off to the Re-Education Camps Classes  you go!

Once again, You Vill Be Made To Kare! (in the original East German.)  Or in Gobbledygook-ese:

Zibbiglidu Gobblsmakity Dui Brundigorshmoggle Gobblshmakity.


"Gay Fascism is Still Fascism."

UPDATE: Meanwhile, the New York City Council is honoring Soviet Atom Bomb Spy Ethel Rosenberg for her bravery. I forget: is she a "ze" or a "zir"?

(For younger readers, this was back when our government didn't joyfully help our enemies obtain nuclear weapons. But that Crazy Train left Grand Central Station a long time ago: "All aboard, Zir!")

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