Monday, May 16, 2016

Poor Me: Awakening to The Fakening

Ace of Spades on Fake Hate Crimes and the Faking Fakers Who Fake Them:

"It's time to add Munchausen Syndrome (Social Justice Warrior type) to the DSM psychiatric manual. This is a fairly major psychological problem now."
A real epidemic. Not a fakey, inanimate "Gun Violence Epidemic", but an real epidemic that real hoaxers are suffering from in droves.

A century ago, people valued gold and would go as far the Yukon to get it.

Today we value Glamorous Victim Status and will go even farther to have it.

It's crazy how people will stab, punch, bruise, assault, shave, graffiti and perjure themselves to get it. They'll smear feces on themselves, rip their clothes, start fires, lie to reporters and e-mail themselves threats and blackmail just to obtain it.

But the payoffs can be huge: fame, fortune, celebrity, scholarships, endowed chairs, tenure, Pulitzers Prizes, instant steet cred, magazine covers, grants, federal laws bearing your name, famous people fawning over you, actors portraying you in Hollywood  blockbusters, book sales, movie rights, rock stars singing your song, the moral high ground, trips to the White House, get-out-of-jail free cards to riot and burn down your town, the ability to discredit, silence or even jail your opponents--and that's just a partial list.

When you think about that way, you'd be kinda' crazy not to.

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