Saturday, May 28, 2016



If You Liked Bush Derangement Syndrome, You're Going To Love Trump Denial Syndrome!

Watts Up: Greens Blame Donald Trump for Crumbling Paris Climate Accord

"Never mind he’s not even President yet – greens are already trying to pin the blame for the embarrassing slow motion collapse of the Paris Climate Agreement on US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump."

Move over, Zika! Watch out, Ebola!

Trump Denial Syndrome. It's here. It's real. It's now. And it's freakin' hilarious.

Should any of your loved ones show the warning signs of Early Onset TDS, such as blaming a guy who hasn't even been nominated for the Diplo-Failure in the War on Weather, get them to a doctor right away.

If they were able to keep their doctor, that is.

(side effects may include, but are not limited to, hair loss, loss of sex drive, loss of hard drive, Driving Miss Hillary, missed periods, missed commas, missed the boat, boat drinks, sea sickness, motion sickness, morning sickness, Morning in America, America First, queasiness, cheesy-ness, ranting, raving, lack of shaving and bouts of Sudden Onset Tourette's. Followed by anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Your mileage may be monitored by the EPA, see your authorized Gitmo dealer for detainees.)

Don't despair, precious; there's hope for a cure.

Update: They told me if Trump got the nomination, Muslims would be attacked in the streets by violent mobs:

(Berlin) An asylum seeker who jokingly wore a T-shirt saying ‘I’m Muslim, don’t panic’ was so savagely beaten by his fellow refugees that he had to be rushed to hospital.
The 23-year-old Iraqi had thought that his fellow Islamic asylum seekers would see the funny side...
Two of the alleged attackers, a 27-year-old from Syria and a 33-year-old from Lebanon, were later arrested on charges of aggravated GBH.

UPDATE: The Underlying Pathology; A Jury of Her Piers

She deserves better than this. They all do. We do, too.

I Hope You Dance

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