Friday, May 27, 2016

Sorry!: My Apology for America

"In Hiroshima, our president -- as ignorant of history as he is of health insurance -- called for the courage to “spread peace and pursue a world without nuclear weapons.” A world without nuclear weapons? We had one, Mister President. It led to Hitler, Tojo, Mussolini and Stalin. No thank you."--Don Surber

It’s not just Hiroshima: The many other things America hasn’t apologized for
by Adam Taylor, Washington Post:

"This week, President Obama will become the first sitting U.S. president to visit Hiroshima, the Japanese city that the United States nearly destroyed with a nuclear bomb in 1945. While the bombing is estimated to have killed as many as 150,000 people, Obama is not expected to apologize during his visit.

It's reasonable to ask, after more than 70 years, why not apologize for Hiroshoma? One well-worn argument is that the bombing of the city (and the atomic bombing of Nagasaki that followed) was morally justifiable as it was the quickest way to end World War II — a conflict that had already taken millions of lives.
But another argument is broader and perhaps even more persuasive: Apologizing simply isn't something the United States does, nor do many other countries." ..................

The author goes on to recite the Left's Cherished Catalog of AmeriCrimes(tm).

It's only "reasonable" to ask why not apologize for Hiroshima?

Why would I ever apologize?  My father was in the Navy in the '40's, and I'm here by the grace of God. There are so, so very many that aren't here. Thank God Harry Truman had the guts to use the Bomb to stop the war.

But since Historical Moral Grandstanding is what all the Cool Kids are doing, I want in on this Apology Tour.

On behalf of America, I deeply apologize.

I apologize for saving civilization once upon a time during the Great War.
I'm sorry--did I say 'once'? I meant twice, in World War II, also.
I'm sorry--did I say 'twice'? I meant three times--that Cold War got pretty hot sometimes.
I'm sorry--did I say 'three times'--because I meant four, now that we're defending civilization again against Radical Islamism.

I also apologize for getting rid of dictators. For spreading freedom where possible. For bleeding on your countries. For keeping the sea lanes open. For spreading prosperity. For inventing medicines. For exploring space. For our role in ending slavery--except where it still exists in Muslim Africa and under Communist regimes. For sending doctors and supplies. For educating millions. For feeding millions. For inventing innumerable devices to make uncounted lives better. For the taxpayers who open their wallets to finance the whole damn world, for rebuilding even those countries we defeated in war. For maintaining the peace.

For devising the worst system of self-government ever known--except for all the others.

But mostly I'm sorry for producing a bunch of pampered ingrates who think America needs to apologize early, often and forever.

Did I say "You can kiss my ass--my American ass!"?

No? Sorry 'bout that.

Because I meant to.

Harry Drops the Big One
Thank you, sir...and sorry about what's become of your Party

UPDATE: Larry O'Connor: "Frankly, that statement is worse than an apology. It’s a condemnation of America’s actions in 1945 as immoral and it’s a sanctimonious declaration that only our preening president has the moral perspective to start righting that wrong."

Allahpundit:  CBS poll: Plurality of Americans now disapprove of decision to use the atomic bomb on Japan  "People who lived through the meat grinder of World War II are dying off, replaced by people who’ve never lived in a country that has a military draft, let alone one that might have placed them in the middle of a maelstrom like X-Day.... Gallup polled the public in August 1945 ...69 percent said yes. Fast-forward 71 years and here we are. ...43% approve, 44% disapprove ".

Robert K. Wilcox: "...the Japanese were, at the same time, working on their own atomic bomb, and would have used it on Americans had they been able."

'Bam in 'Nam: “One of the great things about the United States is that even when it makes mistakes it’s able to adjust and recognize our mistakes and we correct course and take different steps.”
We sure will. On Nov. 8th.

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