Thursday, May 12, 2016

You Snowflake U.

Gilbert King, Smithsonian:

"One Japanese ship set its searchlights on the South Dakota, and the ship took 42 enemy hits, temporarily losing power. Graham was manning his gun when shrapnel tore through his jaw and mouth; another hit knocked him down, and he fell through three stories of superstructure. Still, the 13 year-old made it to his feet, dazed and bleeding, and helped pull other crew members to safety while others were thrown by the force of the explosions, their bodies aflame, into the Pacific.
“I took belts off the dead and made tourniquets for the living and gave them cigarettes and encouraged them all night,” Graham later said. ”It was a long night. It aged me.” The shrapnel had knocked out his front teeth, and he had flash burns from the hot guns, but he was “fixed up with salve and a coupla stitches,” he recalled. “I didn’t do any complaining because half the ship was dead. It was a while before they worked on my mouth.” In fact, the ship had casualties of 38 men killed and 60 wounded."

Take that, My Chalky Ponies.

Seaman Calvin Graham started shaving to look older at age 11, enlisted at 12 and was a combat veteran at 13. I can't help but contrast that with those special Snowflake college students who wilt at the sight of a chalked slogan for a candidate they don't like. They should get their money back from the half-wit academics who taught them this intolerant nonsense.

At Ohio State, the Administration pushed back:
“What do you mean by clear the room?”
"Our police officers will physically pick you up and take you to a paddy wagon and take you to be arrested.”
And then expelled from Ohio State. They cleared the room.

It's reminiscent of the protests of the 60's, when Communist Agitators like Bill Ayers successfully created situations to get students hurt or even killed so they could blame it on the Man. The difference today is that the Communist Agitators are now professors.

Cue the Old Neil Young music:

Tin soldiers and Nixon coming
We'd better hang up our phones
I'm gonna lose my allowance
Expelled from Ohio
Gotta get down to it
Flake-haters are melting us down
As our list of demands starts to grow
Safe space and divestment
or life in Mom's basement
and then get a real job--oh, hell no!
Na nana na na na nana
Na nana na na nana
No way I'm gonna lose my free ride
Expelled from Ohio
Expelled from Ohio

The grip of the One-Party Academic State must be broken; it's robbing young people of their futures.

Ted Sez:
"Despite its stated aim to bring equal access to all, it has failed to close the gap between low-income communities and other communities, and instead has led to one-size-fits-all solutions imposed on millions of students with differing educational needs. Eliminating the Department of Education not only restores the states’ constitutional power and saves taxpayers billions of dollars, it returns decision-making to parents and local communities, and liberates students and teachers from a failed top-down approach."

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