Sunday, May 22, 2016

Yeah, It's Terrorism


CNN gives the bachelor pilot a clean bill of health.

The New York Times has more concerns, noting the multiple threats scrawled on the fuselage by Obama pals the Muslim Brotherhood.

Former PLO Walid Shoebat scours Mid-East media:

"More evidence is arising to show that the pilot of Flight 804 went suicide. He did some bizarre things. He converted the plane into a makeshift mosque, used the equipment to tell passengers the direction of Mecca. Had a last supper and said “farewell” as if ‘we who are about to die salute you’. He called his brother before take-off telling him to ‘pray for him’ as he was going for martyrdom. He had connections with one of the most radical preachers and terror supporters in Egypt."

Here's the photo of the captain posing with Muslim Brotherhood terrorscum aboard the plane. Walid also explains that drowning is not seen as suicide, but martyrdom. And why killing fellow Muslims is also seen as good, helping them to paradise. The usual 7th century Death Cult logic.

Nothing yet in the Lame Stream. Sleeping, as usual.

UPDATE: Mark Christian and Joe Herring at American Thinker:
Beginning a fortnight ago, the country of Egypt has been wracked with violence and unrest between Muslim Brotherhood-sponsored rioters and the government of Egyptian president el-Sisi.  
Egyptian National Police (the equivalent of our Homeland Security, FBI, and CIA rolled into one) are themselves perpetrating much of the violence, directed at their own citizens.  Hundreds of shops, hotels, and historic shopping areas throughout the country have been put to the torch, further crippling an already weak and tottering economy. ...
Described as a military coup by the pro-Muslim Brotherhood Obama administration, the truth is, the military acted at the behest of the legislature, to protect the established rule of law that Morsi had declared void. ...
The Brotherhood will do whatever is necessary to regain power in Egypt.  Their most effective tactic thus far has been to make the current president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, appear weak and unable to keep his promises to restore security, prosperity, and stability in the nation. ...
Islam doesn't have a "violence" problem.  That is merely an inevitable downstream consequence of the fundamental principle that animates Islam, that being a devotion to achieving theological and political supremacy over all the earth and its people, as commanded by Islam's prophet, Mohammed.
This teaching is a core element of Islam and renders it poisonous to humanity.  The violent targeting of innocent non-combatants is simply the tool through which this corrosive teaching finds its expression in reality. Consequently, any meaningful opposition to terrorist aggression must first recognize and target this teaching as both illegitimate and illegal to propound. --The author is the founder and executive director of the Global Faith Institute – – and is an Egyptian émigré to the United States and a convert to Christianity.  His father and uncle remain high-ranking leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in his former home of Cairo.

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