Thursday, May 12, 2016

The War on Weather

As Free as the Speech Blows

“For a century, Edison's light bulb was regarded as a beacon of American genius; then it became a "climate criminal." That transformation is American decline in a nutshell.”--Mark Steyn

Recently, Hillary lost her global cool when a young woman for Bernie (a Ber-neice) challenged her on contributions from individuals who work in Energy. Since when did Energy Industry employees become the moral equivalent of SS prison guards? All of those people at Hillary's rally, including Little Miss Greenpeace, used energy products to get there and to get to their cozy, warm homes afterwards. Yet they look down their noses at the people who made it possible?

Their Climate Change Religion has turned them into Geothermal Jimmy Swaggarts, moral scolds waving their judgmental fingers in other peoples faces while keeping their Hi-Grade girlfriend on the dirty side of town.

Another irony is the constant whining about the Citizens United Free Speech decision, allowing business and union money to flow, while the real and massive public corruption and bribery over at the Clinton Grift & Thrift Foundation goes unmentioned. Director James Comey from the Federal Bureau of Mentioning may be about to change that.

Meanwhile, noted Climate Sharia Imam Al Gore appears with a group of state attorneys general, planning to harass businessmen, scientists and thinkers who dissent from the State Religion of Climate Change, echoing recent statements by the Attorney General.

They stood behind the banner "AGs for Clean Energy", a political slogan, not a legal slogan. And with Al Gore, a private citizen, not a law enforcement official. And a private citizen who, last we heard, had a multi-million dollar interest in selling carbon credits, like popes who sold sin indulgences. That business would profit greatly from The Silencing.

They cry "fraud"--but isn't it a kind of fraud to say, like Gore: "If we don't give the UN complete control 20 years ago, we'll all perish 10 years ago!"

Prof. Glenn Reynolds says the state AGs are illegally conspiring to violate free speech rights in partisan Thought Crime Tribunals. They subpoenaed all records from a think tank in an effort to get to Exxon. Nixon used bagmen who taped the door locks to get to his political opponents. At least he had a sense of shame.

It was not a crime to question the Miasma Theory, the Canals of Mars, Phlogiston Theory, Phrenology or Flat Earth Shoes when they were called "settled science" and it isn't an offense to question scientific theories now.

Instead of persecuting energy providers, thinkers and scientists for committing Climate Apostasy, we could have Free Speech instead.  Crazy talk, huh?

Ted Cruz is foursquare for Free Speech, for an all-of-the-above Energy Policy and has stood up to the Washington Cartel:

Now, I support renewable fuels, I support biofuels, but I don't support policies from Washington that pick winners and losers in the market. One of the mandates included was the ethanol mandate. Over the years, it has been proven there is a demand for ethanol in the market, but ethanol should stand on its own, not atop the footstool of the government.

The ethanol mandate requires 16 billion gallons of biofuels, requiring a plot of farmland roughly equal to the size of the state of Kentucky, as a result, that has diverted corn from livestock and the food supply, and has contributed to increased food prices.
Several months ago, there was an agriculture summit in the state of Iowa. Most of the Republican candidates for president attended that summit. Every single candidate but one pledged his support for continuing the Iowa ethanol mandate. It's very easy for conservative politicians to talk about ending cronyism, but when you're standing in front of people who are the beneficiaries, that's when you separate talk from action.

Big government energy mandates don't stop with ethanol. There are tax credits for almost every form of energy. Each designed to give one industry a leg up over the other. There's enhanced oil recovery credits for producing oil and gas from marginal wells. There's an advanced nuclear power generation credit. Clean coal investment credits. And a credit for plugging electric and fuel cell vehicles. And of course the infamous wind energy credit.

Talking about wind: A two-year extension of wind credits alone costs taxpayers more than $13 billion, which is enough to pay the monthly electricity bills for 124 million Americans. How about putting that up for a referendum? Do we continue to benefit one favored industry, or do we pay the electricity bill for 124 million Americans? You know, I don't think that would be a close vote for the American people. And what's interesting: it's not a close vote in Washington. Because the only people voting in Washington are the lobbyists with bags of cash, and the lawmakers in both parties eager to get that cash.

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