Saturday, May 14, 2016

Don't Cut Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face


Lemme jump right in:

If Democrats win, they plan to flood this country with tens of millions of poor immigrants, put them all on welfare, tell them that Republicans hate them and register them to vote so that no Republican ever wins the presidency again.

Not only would it cement the Welfare State in place, it would be like Disney's H-1B debacle writ large: Republican voters would be taxed to pay for their own replacements. I support reasonable immigration, not unreasonable invasion.

Already Obama has ordered the Border Patrol to act as Federal Bellhops to assist illegal aliens with their luggage and point them to the nearest DMV. And flooding the country with Middle Eastern refugees is a way to ensure we can never again go to war there even if necessary, by placing a large Fifth Column of sympathizers here.

Felony Clinton has promised to create a new federal Dept. of Illegal Immigration to facilitate this--and Democrats already start with a two-to-one head start in the Electoral College. If they go 3-to-1, it's all over.

So when I read yet another Trump hit piece, I wonder "What's the point?".

I mean, I wrote plenty of them myself. Got pretty good at it, too. Hell, I could rip one out right now. Don't get me started. But like Jonathan Last, I ask “For who? For what?"  --only he comes up with the opposite take.

The quote is from the NFL's Ricky Watters, who refused to get smashed catching a dangerous pass in an already-lost game. But this game is still alive.

I admire Mr. Last. And George Will and Jonah Goldberg and others. They're really smart and I've learned a lot from them over the years. They certainly have the right, but I just think they're wrong. They're just telling me Trump is bad--but who is a better candidate that could win?

Tom Coburn? Mitt Romney? Ben Sasse? Gary Johnson? Doubtful.

NeverTrumpers assume one fact not yet in evidence; that there will still be a country left worthy of the name in four years after Obama 3.0, the third term. I can accept a mixed result with Trump over an unmitigated disaster like that.

For example, I don't like it that a handful of toothless racist crackers support Trump. But then I ask 'Which undesirables support the other team?'

A: Criminals. Cop-killers and Rioters. Perverts and Sex Offenders. Drug cartels and smugglers. Race hustlers. Union goons. Crony crooks and Government grifters. Communists. Islamist sympathizers. Even terrorists. It's not even close.

Think of what a Democrat win would mean; Obama historically affirmed. Obamacare Forever. Borders Abolished. Social Engineering on Steroids. Nuremberg Climate Trials. the War on Cops pt.II, etz.etz.etz.

Even if you feel Trump hasn't yet earned your vote, did all our service-members earn Clinton or Sanders as their Commander-in-Chief?

I know you can do it for them after what they've done for you.

That's 'who'. That's 'what'.

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