Thursday, August 4, 2016

CLEXIT--Climate Exit: Here Comes the Sun

Weather Vanity Sez: Cloudy With a Chance of Freedom

Climate Worship--the New Golden Calf! Thou shalt not take the weathervane in vain!
Watts Up With That:

Viv Forbes: "CLEXIT (CLimate Exit) was inspired by the Brexit decision of the British people to withdraw from the increasingly dictatorial grasp of the EU bureaucracy. ...

For the EU and the rest of the Western world, ratification and enforcement of the Paris Treaty (and all the other associated decrees and Agendas) would herald the end of low-cost hydrocarbon transport and electricity, and the exit of their manufacturing, processing and refining industries to countries with low-cost energy.

For developing countries, the Paris Treaty would deny them the benefits of reliable low-cost hydrocarbon energy, compelling them to rely on biomass heating and costly weather-dependent and unreliable power supplies, thus prolonging and increasing their dependency on international handouts. They will soon resent being told to remain forever in an energy-deprived wind/solar/wood/bicycle economy.

Perhaps the most insidious feature of the UN climate plan is the “Green Climate Fund”. Under this scheme, selected nations (“The rich”) are marked to pour billions of dollars into a green slush fund. The funds will then be used to bribe other countries (“developing and emerging nations”) into adopting silly green energy policies. ... This UN-driven war on carbon energy has already caused massive losses and dislocation of western industry. If allowed to continue as envisaged by the Paris Treaty, this economic depression will become world-wide, and all nations will suffer." .........

Clean air and fresh water; for it.

Dark dirty lies and stale Statism: against it.

For example, these Solar Power Groupies Hiding From Sunshine.

"Talking about the weather used to be a safe topic--but we'll be criminalizing that, too!"
Al Gore's State Attorneys Generals who conspired to silence Climate Dissent also entered into secret agreement to avoid Sunshine Laws.

“It’s baffling that these AGs feel they can trample on their own states’ public records laws,” said David W. Schnare, E&E Legal General Counsel. “If they truly believe that they are engaged in anything other than a purely political campaign, they should have no problem explaining to the public what they are doing and subjecting their activities to the scrutiny their legislatures demanded.”

UPDATE: Don't hurry the hurricane. The Washington Compost:

"A major hurricane hasn’t hit the U.S. Gulf or East Coast in more than a decade. ...Florida hasn’t seen a hurricane of any intensity since 2005’s Wilma, which is shocking considering it averages about seven hurricane landfalls per decade. ...

Adam Sobel, a climate scientist at Columbia University, cautions that the drought in no way invalidates global warming predictions or the expectation that storms will grow more intense in future decades. The “notion that the hurricane drought in the Atlantic has somehow disproved the consensus projections of climate science is wrong, because the drought is still a relatively short-term fluctuation in a single basin, while the projections are for long-term global trends,” he writes on his blog." .............

Lack of hurricanes proves Climate Change. And if and when we finally get another hurricane--that also proves Climate Change! It's proof positive--and proof negative!

As an inquisitive equine excrement scientist myself, I've discovered the cause of Climate Science: government funding.

"You don't have to be a Weatherman to know which way the pipe-bomb blows--but it helps!"

"We've finished your next book, Barry. You can't have it until we receive a pallet of cash, say $400 million in unmarked bills. Put it on a midnight airplane into O'Hare and await further instructions if you ever want to see your manuscript alive again."

"It seems to be raining shrapnel. Hey--you guys want your nails back now?"

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