Thursday, August 25, 2016

hillary: alt-crook

The Hazard of Dukes: Tired Old Lady, Tired Old Playbook

So some old crackers support Trump? Big deal. But if we're gonna' do this, let's name all the babies.

Hillary and Democrats are supported by cop-killers, mad bombers, Communists, drug lords, all classes of criminals, child molesters, perverts, deadwood bureaucrats, sleazy lawyers, traitors, dictators, oligarchs, racialists, Chinese weapons dealers, dead voters, Iranian sanctions violators, dirt-worshippers, baby-organ dealers, union goons, Islamic supremacists, terrorists and their sympathizers. Her husband is a One-Man Crime Wave against Women and she's his enforcer. The Confederate flag is so horrible that they flew one in their home, back when we were still shedding Jim Crow. Her chief of staff edits Dirty Jew Monthly, which supports honor killings as long as they are empowering and life-affirming, and female genital mutilation as long as its nurturing and inclusive. Just last month, Hillary gave a seat of honor to Taliban Dad, only a month after he sent his little Jihadi Junior out to slaughter a gay bar. Bill's the Father of the Korean Bomb and she's the Mother of the Iranian Bomb.

But...but...David Duke! Meh.


Ban Hillary re-runs, not "Dukes of Hazzard" reruns!
You keep David, Granny--we'll take Daisy!

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