Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Act Like You Care It's Unaffordable Act

For CommieCare, Failure is Success

Health is optional, Control is the goal
Barnini Chakraborty:

"Six years after ObamaCare was signed into law – and countless assurances later that the law is “working” – America’s major insurance companies are facing mounting losses and threatening to pull out of the exchanges, leaving customers facing higher costs and fewer options. ...

Earlier this month, Aetna, once one of ObamaCare’s biggest cheerleaders, slammed the breaks on its expansion plans and became the last of the five major national health insurers to project significant losses tied to the Affordable Care Act. ...

One by one, the nation’s top insurers – Humana, UnitedHealth Group, Blue Cross and Anthem – have shifted their tone on the law. ...

In Virginia, the average premium increase could hit 37.1 percent, Bryan Rotella, attorney and founder of the Rotella Legal Group, warns.

“In fact, two of three federal programs to manage this exact risk are due to expire in 2017,” Rotella wrote in an opinion piece for The Hill. “Without these programs to fall back on, many insurance companies likely will need to jack up their premiums even higher or bail out of the exchanges all together.”

Blue Cross reported losing hundreds of millions of dollars on its exchange plans across the country. In Tennessee, it took a $300 million hit; in North Carolina, $280 million and in Arizona, $135 million.

In California, the company is expected to raise rates 19.9 percent – more than triple the average annual increase.

Others like Humana are threatening to quit altogether." ..........................

First, it must always be stated that this debacle was passed Castro-style, with a One-Party vote, never before done in America. Cuba, si, America, no.

But this is Debacle by Design. It is meant to crash and burn, to bring on the Full Monty, a complete socialist medicine regime.

Look at student loans. The government program started as a tiny program in the 50's to boost science and technology. Now?

"The government is now essentially in charge of the student loan market, and that’s not working out so well... Thanks to a provision passed along with health-care reform in 2010, the Department of Education became the originator of roughly 90 percent of U.S. student loans. ... A whopping 35 percent of student-loan borrowers under 30 were at least 90 days late on their payments at the end of last year, up from 26 percent in 2008 and 21 percent in 2004.  Student loans represent one of the few areas of consumer debt that’s not shrinking...“All of this was predicted by those who opposed the federal takeover of student loans. But as with so many promises that government makes, the fun comes early and the bill arrives later and is paid by someone else.”" ......................

And now Democrats plan to make it "free". Not to achieve Socialized Education--to acheive Socialized Students.

Obama and Hillary like the mixed National Socialist model, where government calls all the shots and blames business for all the problems.

But the lure of the totalitarian model is too strong. The plan all along has been to destroy private insurance and install ControlCare. Not Socialized Medicine; Socialized Patients.

Freedom is the Disease, and, brother, they've got the cure.

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