Friday, August 26, 2016

Did Obama U$e Cuba's Bank to Funnel Money to Iran...and to Ca$tro?

It $ure $tinks Like It.

“I don’t know. And we’ve said we’re not going to talk about this.”

"We route the Iranian money through Cuba's Banco Financiero Internacional,
thereby funding our Revolutionary brothers there, too!"
Obama claimed he had to pay the Walking-Around Money/Ransom Payment in cash because we didn't have banking relations with that regime, Miss Lewinsky. Nothing changed legally in the next two days, but suddenly, two days later, we did have a banking relationship and sent $1.3 billion to Iran in 13 payments plus a another $10 million mystery payment.

This was paid out of a "Judgment Fund", even though there has never any judgment issued against the United States--except for the verdict of Obama's own Blame-America-First-ism.

In fact, it's a "treaty" that wasn't ratified by the Senate, it's an "executive agreement" that Iran's executive has never signed, it has secret "side deals" when, in fact, the whole thing is a secret side deal and it's a judgment that has never been adjudicated. It may not even be in writing. Which means that fake phone number the beauty queen gave you on a cocktail napkin may be more legally-binding. The whole thing is extra-Constitutional rot.

Obama has repeatedly refused to name the central bank involved. Because transparency!

The Earnest Josher:
"This is the part that I'm limited in talking about. What we have acknowledged is that we were able to coordinate with a central bank, using the money and these funds, to essentially be a partner of ours in executing this transaction.  We have not disclosed the identity of that central bank, primarily because we're trying to protect the privacy of our partners who had essentially done us a favor here. The reason that we had to work with this other central bank is because there are significant limitations that prevent transactions from the U.S. central bank to the Iranian central bank." 

Capitol Hill Cubans: "The Basel AML Index is the most renowned, annual ranking assessing country risk regarding money laundering/terrorism financing. ... The Index measured 149 countries, including such troubling actors as Iran, Venezuela, Myanmar, Sudan, China, Vietnam, Russia and Zimbabwe.

Yet, Cuba is conspicuously missing from its report. ... 

Yet, the Obama Administration is encouraging banking transactions with Cuba's wholly state-owned, non-transparent banking system? The Obama Administration is authorizing dollar transactions abroad (U-turn) by Cuba's secretive banks?

The Obama Administration recruited a small, local, real-estate bank with no international experience, South Florida's Stonegate Bank, to open a correspondent account and handle transactions with Cuba's shady banks? ...

 Just recently, we had
noted how Cuba's Banco Financiero Internacional was now directly taken over (overnight) by Castro's military conglomerate, GAESA. This state-owned bank is solely empowered by the Castro regime to conduct commercial banking operations in convertible currencies. Virtually every foreign company and person engaged in business on the island must open an account in this bank. These are not "positive steps" as The White House's "echo chamber" likes to propagate.

Obama may be willing to sacrifice transparency and security for his "legacy," but regulators and other career officials that will outlast his presidency definitely should not." ..................

But which legacy? Rescuing the failing Iranian Revolution or rescuing the failing Cuban Revolution? Why not both?

NYSun: "Together with a 14th payment of just over $10 million, the grand total paid out by Treasury from the Judgment Fund on that single day, January 19, for claims pertaining to the State Department, comes to roughly $1.31 billion.

Treasury has provided no answers to my queries about whether these specific payments were for the Iran settlement. Nor why these transfers comprised 13 payments, each of which was a cent under $100,000,000. Nor whether the $10 million related to the same matter." ..........

Actually, it has been reported as $10.3 million, which would make it a nice little handling fee for Fidel's central bank, no?

Iran's diplomats are in Cuba even as we speak.

That would make this whole treasonous debacle an Iran-Contra Affair-in-Reverse, which is just what our President Reagan-in-Reverse would want.

Reagan left us stronger. Obama makes us weaker.
Reagan freed millions around the world. Obama sides with every Slave Power around the world.
Reagan really wanted the tortured hostages freed. Obama really wanted to lavish cash on the Ayatollah--the hostages were just the means.
Reagan sought to arm the anti-communists in Central America. Obama means to fund Castro's military dictatorship in Cuba.
Reagan wanted to accomplish two good things; freeing hostages and fighting communists. Obama seeks two evil purposes; funding Iranian terrorism and funding Cuban repression.
Reagan was grudgingly willing to give the Iranians some outdated weapons. Obama is enthusiastic about giving the Iranians the most deadly and sophisticated weapons in the world.
Reagan apologized that arms-for-hostages had become a ransom. Obama is still lying through his teeth about paying ransom.

You can pretend Obama is a well-meaning dupe if you need to. I don't. Jimmy Carter was a dupe. But at least he sent Delta Force to Iran. At least he banned hostile Iranians from getting visas instead of flooding the country with them. At least he demanded to speak to the Cuban people when he went there. 

Obama demanded nothing for Cubans or Iranians, gave everything to the Castros and the Mullahs, and completely sold out the Cuban and Iranian peoples. This is true whatever central bank might have been used. And so is this; Barack Obama is the Toenail Fungus in the Gym Shoe of Freedom.

As Auric Goldfinger said at a Clinton Foundation fundraiser recently, "Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times, it's enemy action."

He's no dupe. He wasn't manipulated. He's not reckless. He's $winging for the Other Team.

Follow the money.

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