Monday, August 22, 2016

Olympic Freedom, Olympic Feminism

Plus More Drunk Swimmers than a Kennedy Campaign Party!
WaPo: "The Ethiopian government is killing my people, so I stand with all protests anywhere, as Oromo is my tribe," Feyisa Lilesa said. "My relatives are in prison and if they talk about democratic rights they are killed."
It was a remarkable turn of events — within seconds, Lilesa had gone from a national hero to a man who might not be able to return to his home country. In addition to those killed, many Oromo protesters are currently languishing in prison.
In Ethiopia, the state broadcaster did not air a replay of the finish." ..................
Rights Activist Awol K. Allo: "The United States see the Ethiopian government as a critical partner on the Global War on Terror.
This led administration officials to go out of their way to create fantasy stories which cast Ethiopia as democratic and its leaders as progressive. In 2012, then US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, described Meles Zenawi, the architect of the current system, as "uncommonly wise" and someone "able to see the big picture and the long game, even when others would allow immediate pressures to overwhelm sound judgment."
In 2015, Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman praised Ethiopia as "a democracy that is moving forward in an election that we expect to be free, fair, credible, open and inclusive." She further added, ""Every time there is an election, it gets better and better." That election ended with the ruling party winning 100% of the seats in parliament by wiping out the one opposition in the previous parliament.
In 2016, President Obama became the first sitting American president to visit Ethiopia amid widespread opposition by human rights groups. Obama doubled down on previous endorsements by administration officials by describing the government as 'democratically-elected.""......
Another thug dictatorship coddled by Obama. Whether Cuban communists, Turkish and Egyptian Muslim Brother Hoods or Iranian mullahs, Obama is always siding with oppressive dictators over their captive citizens.
Allo continues: "However, consistent reports by the US government itself and other human rights organizations depict an image of a police state whose apparatus of surveillance and control permeates the entire society down to household levels.
The US led 'war on terror', started by President George Bush, provided the government with a political and legal instrument with which the government justified severe restrictions on freedom of expression, assembly, and association."
The problem is not George W. Bush or the scare-quoted War on Terror, Mr. Allo. I just wish we would really fight one.

"As I was just telling the Pope, I heroically resisted the siren call to war."
The problem is that malicious governments use legitimate issues for illegitimate goals.  For example, Democrats in our government try to use legitimate voter rights concerns to facilitate their voter fraud.
Allo explains the Divide-and-Conquer racialist strategy of the regime--also a Democrat hallmark here in America: "According to the governing narrative, Oromos are narrow-minded and exclusionary people who seek to disintegrate Ethiopia into smaller republics while Amharas are chauvinists who seek to restore the old feudal order, leaving the ruling party as the only political force that can rescue Ethiopia from both threats." ..............

The regime has pledged not to retaliate against Lilesa--we'll see. I hope your people can secure their legitimate rights.
Elsewhere, all the coverage seemed to be on the America-bashing Hijabbed Harridan, who is just another PLO hack, but there was another protest at the Olympics by an Iranian woman sports fan.

BBC"Darya Safai's sign read: "Let Iranian women enter their stadiums." Women have generally been banned or restricted from attending all-male sports events in Iran since shortly after the Islamic revolution in 1979.
The International Olympic Committee bans political statements at the games." ............
Here's what she means: "Ansar-e Hezbollah, a religious vigilante group, issued a statement earlier this week likening female spectators to prostitutes and calling on its supporters to prevent them from entering the stadium.
"We are taking a stand against legalising the presence of prostitutes… in stadiums," the group said in a flyer distributed in Tehran. "This Friday there will be blood," it added."............
In my disdain for Militant Feminism, I bow to no man--except of course Robert Stacy McCain.

But like the successful Target Boycott, this is the legitimate feminist protest we need. Of course, Safai could only do it because she lives in Europe and doesn't have to go home to face Obama's Supreme Leader.

I'm sure Obama and his Mullahs will discuss it at their next regularly-scheduled ransom payment meeting.

Meanwhile, here in the States, "Feminism" has devolved from the "One-Grope Rule" to the "One-Rape Rule"--and numbers are fungible.

Women are last on the Democrat list.

The Hug-a-Thug Democrats support criminals over women--remember "Miranda" was a rapist.

Illegal aliens count more--see Kate Steinle.

Misogynist Islamists count more than women. See any headline, any day, in any paper.

Now, women are supposed to share their dressing rooms with any male predator who claims to be transgendered. If only Ted Bundy had known this trick.

The Left are even denying that "girls" actually exist.

No wonder they cling to abortion rights. If it wasn't for the unborn, they'd be absolute last on the list.

And now women are ordered to put a serial rapist and his enforcer back in the White House?

Hillary Clinton smeared, silenced and bullied her husband's assault victims in order to help herself and her career. What did Sec. Albright say about a Special Place in Hell for women who don't help other women?

Hillary put her hand over their mouths to muffle their screams, and then she put her size 7 Pradas on their necks as she walked on their faces to the top.

Militant Feminism is dead. DEAD.  The Clintons killed it. And Huma helped bury it.

Let's hope it won't come back in four years.

"'Close the Foundation'? I can't close the Foundation now! How will I pay the Obamacare taxes on all my Medical Devices?"

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