Monday, August 15, 2016

The Revolution Will Be Televised, Scheduled, Sponsored, Rated and Focus-Grouped

Or Will It?

Top-notch analysis from the Z-Man:

"Even if Trump overcomes the Clinton crime machine, he will most likely face a ruling class unified against him. In America, we may have crossed the Rubicon in the 1990’s when it became clear that the ruling class could no longer police itself. Their inability to purge their ranks of the Clintons was a sign that the rot had reach a point where reform is no longer possible. That leaves popular revolt. ...

...[W]hat comes after Trump is, if history is a guide, going to be much worse. Instead of an amateur politician, who still believes in the system, the next guy to rally the troops will be a professional who does not believe in the system. Instead he will be a guy that looks at the system in the same way Turkish strongman Erdoğan looks at democracy....What we are seeing with nationalist insurgencies in the West is they are running into the massive power that comes from owning the mass media. A little girl skins her knee and there is a news team there to blame Trump in a four hour TV special. Hillary Clinton is caught running a pay-for-play scheme and no one can be bothered to ask her why she went to the trouble of installing an illegal e-mail system in her bathroom."

It was the Clinton Rot that pushed me over to the Dark Side. Obama at least masked his Islamo-Marxism, but the Clintons are well-known criminals, whether it's Bill attacking women while Hillary holds her hand over their mouths or the entire Clinton-Rodham Gang buying and selling pardons and military secrets. And years of grift at the Clinton Foundation's State Department has only perfected their La Cozy Nostra. The difference between a Clinton Oligarchy and the Putin Oligarchy? Putin doesn't sully the Founding Fathers at his Convention.

The Z-Man also ponders the Seth Rich case. To me, it sounds like a friendly reminder-memo from HR (Human Resources) to potential new hires about the company's strict confidentiality policy.

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