Saturday, February 27, 2021

Chopping On Children: It's the Biden Way

Their Father's Hell

Althouse:""Do you support the government’s intervening to override the parent’s consent to give a child puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and/or amputation surgery of breasts and genitalia?"

That was Rand Paul's question to Rachel Levine, Biden’s nominee for assistant health secretary. ... It's a precise question. If it can't be answered, why can't it be answered?" 

It can't be answered because there is no non-evil answer. 

A true answer would also cause huge problems because many of Biden's 50 million voters had no idea they were voting for child sexual mutilation. But they were. Levine told Sen. Paul he would only discuss public policy in private.

"If only your grandparents had committed violent crimes, we could have released them from custody. 
But my mom's doing fine, thanks"
Levine kills old people and wrecks children. Monster. 

In fairness, he refused to murder his own mother, moving her to a luxury hotel before killing other peoples' parents.

We just passed a law last year that said even if you are a licensed driver, a registered voter, a 20 yr.-old married man with children and serving in a combat zone, we do not think you are mature enough to purchase cigarettes.

But a 5 yr.-old can give meaningful consent to gender reassignment surgery?

We've got very young girls getting double mastectomies because they were propagandized in school. There are twisted parents who want so desperately to virtue-signal with an SJW trophy child, they're willing to do so on top of the child's severed genitals. 

That is, if the parent is even involved. One 2nd-grade boy drew a family picture where he was wearing an oversized Lakers jersey. His teacher decided it was a purple dress and diagnosed him as a girl. When the father tried to explain, she threatened to report the parents to Child Protective Services for "misgendering". Based on a crayon refrigerator drawing. 

I assume they fled California.

This is Dr. Mengele-level evil, done by and for adults on the children. They can't even blame Hitler this time.

If you thought "This is so awful, so wrong--surely Tony Fauci must be involved!", you were correct:

Jazz Shaw: "These $200K NIH studies are not about treating gender dysphoria, but are apparently more efforts to normalize it. And the taxpayers will foot the bill. But the biggest item on that list is the last one. The idea that we have doctors in this country injecting children with foreign substances designed to intentionally retard the normal development of their otherwise healthy bodies is beyond belief. That’s not a medical procedure… it’s a war crime. These are doctors who not only shouldn’t have a license to practice any more but should probably be in jail.".......

"Jail"? More like the Oval Office. There are videos floating around of Biden slyly assaulting young girls onstage with their parents nearby. Evidently, that's part of the kink. His Big Tech pals have banned the videos--not to protect children, of course, but to protect Biden. (You'll see more of those vids when Obama is ready to transition Biden out and Harris & Booker in. That could happen at any time now, although they're afraid to admit how cynically they used a dementia patient.) 

Biden's not sharp enough to pull it off anymore, but all this tells us everything about how this scumbag pervert views children. As meat.

Joe Biden has transitioned himself; he's gone from forcing himself on women and children to forcing himself on a nation that rejected him. A Transition to Tyranny.

But that's just what happens when the Sewer City Swamp gets to overrule the Peoples' choice.

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