Friday, February 26, 2021

Get Syrias: Do You Believe in Caliphate?

Obama's ISIL: "The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant"

"Levant" means Israel.

"The Trump administration's anti-Muslim bias can serve as a powerful terrorist recruiting tool."--says Biden whose administration actually recruited terrorists
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Gen. Kirby speaking for the Anal Swab Junta: “At President Joe Biden’s direction, U.S. military forces earlier this evening launched airstrikes against infrastructure utlilized by Iranian-backed militant groups in Eastern Syria.”

"Infrastructure"? All Biden did was hit a few empty border shacks. This is a head-fake, maybe to look tough on Iran or target some guys who aren’t on the CIA payroll. Biden would never do anything to real to harm the Mullahs.

Posobiec: “One thing people aren’t picking up on is how focused the Biden White House is on Syria. They want Assad and his generals gone. This is taking up way more of their time than they are letting on publicly.”

Joe wants them gone because the Mullahs want them gone. In reality, Biden–or whoever is really in charge–has picked up right where Obama left off; trying to use ISIL and other terrorists to give Syria to the Ayatollah. Along with nukes.

That’s why puppetboy Adam Kinzinger and his Manchurian Mentor were over there dragging Obama’s jockstrap through the desert. Libya was supposed to be a gift, too. Iran wants a trillion dollars in reparations now. They'll probably get it, too--well, half of it. They have to kick back the other half.


UPDATE: Posobiec concurs: "Biden’s goal in Syria is to complete the plans Obama started with funding and arming the rebels. They want Assad gone by any means necessary and have no concern for the consequences."

From Dec. 2016:

Team RansomAir

Is It Really Ransom if You Enjoy Paying It?

"The phrase that struck me that Kerry used: 'America can't stand idly by' - because of these Israeli settlements. 'Stand idly by' has been the Obama modus operandi in that region since he took office. He has stood idly by as half a million people have died in Syria, and Iraq has been swept by ISIS. Millions and millions of people have been set loose across the region, so-called refugees destabilizing American allies in Europe...

Obama and Kerry have been happy to "stand idly by" for mass murder, decapitations, burnings, sex slavery, ethnocultural cleansing, etc, etc, etc. But put up a Jewish subdivision and all of a sudden they're not going to stand idly by, no sirree."--Mark Steyn

"Bring a pallet with $400 million in unmarked bills to the Geneva Airport on January 17, 2016
if you ever want to see these hostages alive again. Also a thin-crust Supreme with extra onions and anchovies."
For Obama, it wasn't about the getting the hostages released. It was about his real goal--showering the Ayatollah. with cash.

During his Ransom Deal, Obama teamed up with our enemies and foreign governments to lie to us.

During his Iran Nuke Deal, Obama teamed up with our enemies and foreign governments to lie to us.

During his UN Deal, Obama teamed up with our enemies and foreign governments to lie to us.

I'm $ensing a pattern here; Teamwork!
In case you're wondering why we are bombing Syria.
We need to talk about the real conflict of interest in Washington. Who has access to these pipelines? Why is ISIS really in Syria? Caliphate? [Expand your thinking] How did ISIS form? When? Contained? Controlled? Defeated? #MAGA

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