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MNN BREAKING NEWS…In Stunning Reversal, Trump Convicted In Senate Impeachment Vote

(Fallujah, D.C.) Although it was widely believed President Trump was acquitted, Senate Leaders Schumer and McConnell had the Senate vote re-tabulated in Shenzhen, China for a second opinion. 

In the recount, President Trump lost by a vote of 400,057 to 43.

“It was close, but the former president needs to accept these fair and certified vote results for the good of the nation,” said McConnell. He did not say which nation, however.

Manufactured News Network: “Occupied America’s Most Trusted News Source!”

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Pictured here, Sen. Raskin receives the Official Senate Erection Results from his Chinese Owners. In a new pilot program, as Honorary U.S. Senators, they and their extended families were also permitted to vote.

The Impeachment Show: "For two days the Democrats put on their case against Trump, which consisted of hysterical sobbing and poorly forged evidence. The brain trust running this show fell for one of the simplest of internet gags. That is the photoshopped tweet, attributing something to someone as a joke. In other words, the people running this do not know how the internet works. The guy leading this bizarre presentation is Jamie Raskin, a shape-shifting hustler who reminds people of a drug-resistant virus. He started his political career in Massachusetts but fled to Maryland, where he spent 25 years undermining the laws of the state as a legislator. He then slithered into Congress. Of course, he has never had a real job. He is the sort who can give a people a bad reputation. His team is composed of tax eaters of various sorts, all of whom are now in the House as Democrats. One is Eric Swalwell, who was last seen rolling in the hay with a Chinese spy while he sat on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. There is David Cicilline, gay former mayor of Providence. His father was a famous Mafia lawyer, and his brother was last seen getting his law license back after serving time for extortion. The whole cast of characters putting on the impeachment show looks like the cast of a poorly written political satire. In a just world, they would have arrived at the Senate in a VW Beetle, made up to look like a giant mouse. After the show, they would go to a children’s birthday party and make balloon animals for the kids. At least they would have done something useful for once in their lives. This is the salient point of the impeachment show. It is just a show and its purpose is to show us that the carny trash has taken over the system. They control not only the culture through television, movies, and sports entertainment, they now control the political debate."

Eric T.: "Says it all


11:37 AM · Dec 20, 2020

A Screening and Conversation with Mike Lindell About The DocuMovie Absolute Proof with Host Steve Bannon | Worldview Weekend Broadcast Network

"This is what went down in PA on November 4 with cameras watching."

2020 Election Investigative Documentary: Who’s Stealing America? (

EXCLUSIVE: Three 300,000 Biden Vote Dumps Late on Election Night in Virginia Cannot Be Adequately Explained or Tied to Final Results 

Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne Publishes Preliminary Data On Foreign Vote Flipping In 2020 US General Election - CD Media 

Developing: New Hampshire Department of Justice Refuses to Investigate the Largest Voting Machine Counting Error in State History

Why Won’t Georgia Legislature Investigate 2020 General Election Anomalies? - CD Media

MUST READ: Democrats Were ONLY Able to "Win" in 2020 By Breaking Chain of Custody Laws in EVERY SWING STATE 

Conservatives Oppose H.R. 1, the Ultimate Fantasy of the Left | Conservative Action Project

They THEY GOT CAUGHT: Dominion Owned Machines Removed 6% of Votes from Each Windham, New Hampshire GOP Candidate - Same Machines Used in 85% of Towns (VIDEO REPORT FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE)

Recently Uncovered New Hampshire Fraud Confirms Our Reporting in November and Unearths a FOURTH METHOD DEMOCRATS USED TO STEAL THE 2020 ELECTION

Election Fraud-Legislators must fix the problem on Vimeo




ANOTHER CIA COUP--per Glenn Greenwald on Twitter

Why Are Arizona's Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Not in Jail? They Are Reportedly Breaking the Law By Not Handing Over 2020 Election Ballots

"The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) is required by law to hand the ballots over to the County’s Treasurer after the election is canvassed.  This is the law.  Yet, this reportedly hasn’t happened.

Arizona’s Elections Procedures Manual states that after an election has been certified, the ballots are to be provided to the County Treasurer for safekeeping until the period of time for maintaining the ballots has legally lapsed.".......

You know why. 

Staged Antifa agent provocateur rioters at the Capitol in order to blame Trump?
That Was Me.

Blazing Cat Fur: "Sky News host Paul Murray says Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not want to be called as a witness in the impeachment trial because there is a “substantial amount of evidence” that she was pre-warned about the January 6 riots. “She did not want to be called as a witness because there is a substantial amount of evidence that she – as the presiding officer – was pre-warned of something might be happening on January 6,” Mr Murray said.”There is plenty of evidence to suggest that she was not doubling down on security that day, and the former boss of the Capitol Police would have testified to that very point”. "

Programmed In China, Made In China, Tabulated In China, Obedient To China--Just Like Biden and McConnell:

 Dominion Machines: Made in China (Sacramento, CA)

Image | The Tea Party's Front Page

BREAKING! PROOF POSITIVE! Voting Machines Deducted 6% from Each Republican! (Video)

"Unmasked" Video Provides More Information and Evidence Surrounding the 2020 Election

"This Friday, February 19th, SCOTUS we'll hear the first discussions of election fraud cases brought by Lin wood and Sidney Powell. Information, interviews, and physical evidence I provided, will be on the Supreme Court record for the first time."

MOAR--UPDATE: OUTRAGEOUS: After Abandoning Trump and Allowing Landslide Election to be Stolen, Republican "Leaders" Now Want to Look Into Election Integrity - What Garbage! The Rubes Aren't Fooled Anymore, boys.

Ireland and The Netherlands Ended Electronic Voting After Finding Machines Untrustworthy and Failed Security Requirements

Michigan Completes Another Garbage Audit Wasting Time and Resources Performing Procedures Which Will Never Address 2020 Election Fraud

Michigan Removed 177,000 Voters from Voter Rolls in January After Certifying Biden Won Michigan by 154,000 Votes in November a.k.a.; "destroying evidence".

Virginia Voter Identified 1.7 Million Vote Difference Between State Report and Externally Reported Data But Then Couldn't Find Anyone to Address His Concerns

Forget the criminality for a minute. Think of the sheer arrogance it takes not just to steal the election from your fellow citizens, but then to expect them to like it. To try to force them to say it wasn’t stolen. To even blame them for the crime that you are yourself committing. And especially the arrogance to assume that business can go on as usual. It can’t. It won’t. 

 “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.”–Dr. Theodore Dalrymple

Do not assume we have surrendered just because there has not yet been a revolt. We’re not used to dealing with this level of evil at home–and the knowledge of that evil:

Dr. Norman Doidge: “Hamlet hesitated to bring Claudius to justice, and he paid with his life and the lives of those he loved. But it is in “Richard III” that one can learn most from characters who see evil, yet freeze at the key moment. The principal characters are fully aware of Richard’s undeniable evil, yet they let him have his way despite themselves. Richard is the most systematically evil character in all of Shakespeare’s plays. “I can smile, and murder while I smile,” he says, swearing that he will outdo all the villains of history “and set the murderous Machiavel to school.” The most important thing Richard knows is that while conscience allows us to understand ordinary crimes, it actually blinds us before the most extraordinary ones. The idea that conscience blinds us, making us less able to oppose evil’s most brazen forms, is deeply disturbing, for conscience is the sine qua non of civil society. Conscience is supposed to be the faculty that helps us become aware of our effects on others and our motives towards them, notably our baser motives…. But conscience, designed to ferret out evil within, can also actually narrow our awareness of evil. This happens, according to Freud, because the person with a conscience learns to repress automatically his own most destructive inclinations so as not to act on them. He becomes ignorant, for example, of the thrill of evil that a sadist like Richard III feels when he plays God and exercises the freedom to kill whomever he pleases. But the cost of repressing one’s most destructive feelings is an inability to understand, without significant effort, those who give these feelings free rein. ...Conscience, when it is functioning well–automatically and without the intervention of reason, so that we do the right thing without thinking–is not simply rational. It is a force, a blunt instrument before which the conscientious person is guilty until proven innocent. As the preventive agency in the mind, conscience blocks first, thinks later. Men like Arafat and Richard know this. That is why both men constantly charge others with crimes–to paralyze them. Both know it doesn’t matter whether the charges are false. Richard brazenly accuses Anne of inspiring the murder of her husband, as Arafat accuses the West of causing terrorism. It is this force inside the psyche of his enemies that the person without a conscience can so effectively enlist as a fifth column. Having himself no such inner force always second-guessing him, he can see it clearly in others–far more clearly than do those who are in its thrall and take each of its charges seriously.”…….

We, as Americans, will get our hands around this insidious evil, one way or another. Fear not. It will not stand the light of day.

"The appearance of the law must be upheld--especially when it's being broken."--Boss Tweed

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