Friday, February 5, 2021

Christopher Plummer, 1929-2021


My great-aunt honeymooned in pre-war Europe. I asked her if she ever wanted to go back, and she said no, she wanted to remember it the way it was.

We all want to remember it the way it was, don't we? 

It always reminds me of The Sound of Music. Rolfe Gruber the telegram delivery-boy dances with Liesel in an Austrian summer gazebo. As Europe slides downhill, he's caught up in the vortex, and morphs into a young party member. Caught while escaping the Installation of the New Regime, Christopher Plummer as Herr Von Trapp takes Rolfe's pistol away, saying "You'll never be one of them", trying to remind him of who he once was. His pride hurt, Rolfe blows the whistle on the family anyway, the family that might have once been his very own, informing even on the girl he once loved.

As we watched The Sound of Music while growing up safe and warm in the cocoon of Middle Class America, we could not imagine a fascist tyranny taking hold here. That was always someone else, another time, and 'over there'. 

Alas, over there is here, the time is now and the someone else is us. American Tyranny has come. 

Some of our fellow citizens have gone feral, caught in the vortex of power-lust and under the swoon of the Installation of the New Regime. They no longer consider us countrymen because they no longer believe in countries, especially this one.

They are not quite Nazis, not quite Communists. They're not quite Fascists and not quite Globalists, but a toxic stew of all of them and every other malign "ism" of the last hundred years--if not thousands. For it seems as if they are hell-bent on building a new Nephilim for their high-tech Tower of Babel. 

But you are different, brothers and sisters. You are the Children of God and American patriots, from a long line of the same, even if you just joined our family. 

Together, we will remember and together, we will surely Resist. Together, we will remain. And together, by the Grace of Christ, we will rejoice again.

You'll never be one of them.

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