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Meet the New Boss

According to the recent TIME article bragging about stealing the election, Democrats ordered their Antifa paramilitaries not to show up on Jan. 6th and fight with Trump supporters, which would look bad.

They were only allowed to appear if they put on a red Trump MAGA-hat and rioted while pretending to be Trump supporters. Antifa obeyed the orders because Democrats control their funding. That’s why you saw no clashes on the streets. Pelosi forbade it. Read here: Ace of Spades HQ ( : That Time Article Reveals: The Institutional Left Kept Antifa Away from the Capitol on January 6th by... Ordering Them To Stand Down on January 6th

Hateful Democrats Had Their Klu Klux Klan (KKK) - Now They ...

A Pair of Paramilitaries--Same As the Old Boss

From JULY:

Forget Fort Bragg: Re-Name The Democrat Party NOW!

Confederates In the Crawlspace

"There is not really any courage at all in attacking hoary or antiquated things, any more than in offering to fight one's grandmother. The really courageous man is he who defies tyrannies young as the morning and superstitions fresh as the first flowers."--G.K. Chesterton

Democrats are bravely tackling the Burning Issue of Our Day Yesterdays: re-naming the military bases named for Southern generals. Even the Obama Syndicate refused to rename them five years ago, saying:

“Every Army installation is named for a soldier who holds a place in our military history. Accordingly, these historic names represent individuals, not causes or ideologies. It should be noted that the naming occurred in the spirit of reconciliation, not division.”

By the way, Obama says he is a cousin of Jefferson Davis on his mother's side (Anne Davis). And probably on his father's side, too (Frank Marshall Davis). But now, with malice towards all and charity towards none, Democrats are bravely taking on the Confederacy, an entity which a Republican president and the US military already destroyed more than a century-and-a-half ago. The courage that must take!

Especially since they have so much in common. The New Democrat Secessionists are pulling down statues of the Old Democrat Secessionists like ISIS fanatics hepped-up on hominy with bacon drippings. And like all true fanatics, they can't stop themselves. They have also attacked statues and monuments to Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Grant, Frederic Douglass, abolitionists, Catholic padres, Churchill, Columbus, Lord Nelson, firefighters, elk and probably SpongeBob SquarePants. 

You can't spell Plantifa without Plankton, y'all!

We have finally reached End-Stage Liberalism. Which is to say, not liberalism at all, just a Cultural Death Wish, a Societal Suicide Pact wrapped in a One-Party Police State Temper Tantrum. No Free Speech, No Dissent, No Nothing Of Which They Don't Approve. Even if you gave these screaming ingrate brats the Totalitarian power they demand, it would never be enough.

In the Reagan era, Ambassador Kirkpatrick spoke of San Francisco Democrats who Blame America First. Now they're all San Francisco Democrats. They Blame America First, Last, Always and Only. They Hate America's Guts--and if you don't, they hate your guts, too. It's All Hate, All the Time. As someone said, they are 360-degree haters, hating in all directions at once. Starting with themselves. And Daddy.

Portland mayor Ted Wheeler is now out in the streets, leading the rioters and demanding that all Federal Courthouses and buildings be removed from Democrat cities. Hey, Mr. Mayor; that's what the Confederates wanted, too!

That's pure Old Growth Nathan Bedford Forrest you're preaching there, Ted.

Mayor Bowser and her husband Donna Brazille of Washington, D.C.--a city named for Washington and Columbus!--tried to lynch the president. When President Trump tweeted that rioters should not attack the White House because of the well-armed Secret Service, Bowser contradicted the President, claiming he was in there unarmed and all alone. She was hoping a lynch mob would attack, and failing that, that rioters would be shot on the White House lawn for her evil propaganda purposes.

John Wilkes Booth only wishes he had gotten that kind of civic backing from DC authorities. Not only would he have gotten elected to Congress, he could have gotten "Sic Semper Tyrannis Matters" painted in giant yellow letters on Pennsylvania Avenue like "Black Lives Matter".

By the way, why do they insist on calling it a "mural"? It's a bumper sticker slogan from Grand Theft Auto: Black Supremacists with Daddy Issues Edition.

Of course, even the name is a lie. The lives of black people do indeed matter because there are no lives that don't. But like the Mafia calling itself the Fluffy Bunny Club, the organization hides behind the slogan to promote their goals of family destruction, Communism and cop-killing. And do so with the backing of many corporate virtue-signalers that would have made corporate police-state fascists like Benito Mussolini jealous. Corporations that, in many cases, use Chinese slave labor when they're not morally-grandstanding at your expense.

Chinese slaves bought Colin Kaepernick's swimming pool. It sure wasn't Massa's ability to scramble in the pocket.

When you pull down a statue, you are making two statements. First, that you believe in Leftist Mob Rule, even though we were warned all our lives to beware the non-existent threat of Right-Wing vigilantes.

Secondly, it says that you are morally superior to the personage represented and are therefore sitting in judgement of that person.

In the distant past, i.e., five or ten years ago, grown-ups generally understood that moral progress is made by standing on the shoulders of past generations. Now, these cry-bully goons think they fell out of their father's uterus as fully-formed moral gods, perfect in every way, capable of passing judgement on everyone who has ever lived and fixing History on the backs of the living with liberty for themselves only and Cosmic Justice for all--if, by "justice" you mean Lynch Mob justice.

If we are better people than our ancestors--and that is highly f*cking doubtful--then we are only so because they made it possible. Democrats have taken to calling Confederates "dead traitors". I wonder. I wonder--because Democrats love traitors, whether its the Rosenbergs' treason with Stalin or Obama's treason with the Ayatollah. If they were true traitors, Democrats would honor them.

Confederates were rebels and they were still better citizens than these rioting, murdering scumbags. At least they loved their homes and society. Black Lives Murders and Antifa hate their country and everything else, too. And Confederates never shot little girls at Wendy's for the pure hell of it. For the record, America is the least racist country in the history of the world. That's why everyone wants to get here and no one wants to leave. And the better race relations get, the harder the Left clings to racial hatred as a way to claw their way back into power--with the help of their globalist allies, China, Inc., and their wholly-owned subsidiary, JoeBiden(tm).

These riots were scheduled because President Trump has cut into black vote. Massa don't allow that.

One hundred years ago, the Klan acted as the paramilitary militia wing of the Democrat Party. They were domestic terrorists. Today BLM and Antifa are the paramilitary militia wing of the Democrat Party. They are domestic terrorists.

They used to be white supremacists and segregationists, now they're Black Supremacists and Communists, but nothing has changed in a century.

Except now they have corporate fluffers at Frito-Lay and Coca-Cola.
The shame!

If Democrats really believed their own bullshit, they would forget the military bases, step up and change the name of their very own Democrat Party!

After all, every one of those Confederate generals were Democrats.

Chief Justice Roger Taney, who ruled dishonestly in Dred Scot that the black man had no rights the white man was bound to respect was a Democrat.

John Brennan Wilkes Booth and his fellow Coup-Plotters were all Democrats.

Every Ku Klux Klansman and woman--they were Democrats.

Every Jim Crow law--passed by Democrats.

All the southern segregationists--Democrats.

How can Democrats possibly bear to keep using their sullied, dirty, disgusting racist name for one minute longer? This should have been done a century and a half-ago.

I think it was the well-paid Slave-Power spokesman Colin Kaepernick who put it best:

Sure, a name-change would cost Democrats some ballot lines in the upcoming election--but that's a small price to pay for their pure, clean principles.

If China will agree to sell them back.

"You change name 'Democrat'. Name no good. 'Washington Redskins' now available. You take Redskins name.
Red very good color. Very good! You rike!"

BTW, they’re only impeaching him because he won. It is an admission of guilt.

MNN BREAKING NEWS UPDATE… Senate Votes 156,000 to 44 To Continue Impeachment Show Trial Tomorrow.

The original vote was 56 to 44 until the Senate Voting Machines were run through Chinese servers at 3 a.m..

Manufactured News Network: “Democracy Dies In Diebold!”

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