Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Happy Dances and Metaphors: COVID Control and Social Scores

Tyranny By Another Diagnosis

WATCH: Health Inspector Does Happy Dance Moments After Ordering SoCal Brewery to Close (

"A health inspector named Jatinder Chhabra did a happy dance moments after ordering a brewery (already struggling because of Covid lockdowns) in Southern California to close.

The brown shirt health inspectors are drunk on power and won’t stop until the American people say “enough.”"

The Federalist has the details: A Day In The Life Of A Brewery Crushed By LA's Shifting COVID Rules (

But the most salient detail is the large American flag in the lobby. 

That denotes a patriot business. And patriotism means the business is a political opponent of the COVID Commie "Health" "Inspector" Jatinder Chhabra. She is really a Political Officer, as was common in the former Soviet Union. The Health Zampolit. 

She is enforcing the Chinese Colonial Governor Biden's new Social Credit Score system on businesses.

It doesn't even require a flag, though. Small entrepreneurial businesses are by definition suspect in the New Regime. However, if a Big Hollywood Studio wants to set up a competing business across the street, that's perfectly fine. Restaurant Owner's Cries Over Her LA Business Shut Down While Hollywood Sets Up Meal Section Right Next Door Goes Viral [VIDEO] - Unite America First

Proconsul Biden just removed the restrictions on banks. They may now politically-discriminate against conservative businesses such as firearms firms. 

This is more of the same Fascist Two-Step that Big Brother Government has worked out with the Big Brother Tech oligarchs. The corporations do the Civil Rights violations prohibited to the Government, while the Government gives the corporations legal cover, non-enforcement and non-prosecutions. It's the Police State version of Hitchcock's "Strangers On a Train": "I'll do your crime if you do mine."

We saw it just today when American Airlines gave out Ted Cruz's flight information. Cruz raised questions about Election Fraud–which he was later forced to recant. That is enough to be targeted by the Fascist/Corporate State.

I remember when the Democrat mayor fled to Texas during Katrina. He caught some criticism, but the airlines didn't arrange for a lynch mob to attack the Mayor and his family at the airport.

The Airlines didn't tell us when private citizen Kerry was flying to Paris to meet with Iranian nuke-builders. Or when the Bidens fly overseas to get their orders and paychecks.

This Corporate/State Incest is the very definition of Fascism.

The visionary Mussolini peaked too early. His only failing was not realizing he could simply purchase Franklin Roosevelt, Speaker Sam Rayburn and Leader Alben Barkley like China has purchased Biden, Pelosi, McConnell and Schumer.

Remember how, that if we opened up, China was supposed to become like us with free markets and free people? Instead, we have become like them.

Secret Police and Oligarchs. Censorship. Crooked Judges and Prosecutors persecuting political opponents. Social Credit Scores. Phony elections. Red Guards on campus. Rule-by-Decree. Dr. Franken-Fauci building his Super-Bugs in government laboratories. Show Trials. Public Recantations. A One-Party Press that covers up the crimes of the Ruling Class.

The only difference is, in China, reporters are forced to lie. Ours do it for fun.

BTW, have you heard all this headfake talk about Biden getting tough on China? 

China told him to say that.
China also told him to make excuses for their slavery. So he did that, too.

China's Colonial Governor: "I wake up every morning, look at Jill, and say 'Where the hell are we?'"

A: In Donald's house.

Get the hell out, fraud.

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