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This Plandemic Was Released by China, Democrats and Dr. Franken-Fauci and His Patented Medicine Pals Cripple the World Economy, Defeat Actual President Trump, Impose Rule-by-Decree for the Great Reset, Crush Small Business and to Make Trillion$

Now you know.

Gov. DeSantis Tells Biden: "Go F*ck Yourself" - Real Raw News

Biden's Revenge--UPDATEHeard an unusual term today, B.F.F., "biological false flag". With Florida as the target. Apparently Florida needs to be made an example of for reopening and defying Bi-den. Airports, amusement parks, are stated targets for spreading new version covid. (Documenting for the future)

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: How The Depopulation COVID Vaccines Will Start Working In 3-6 Months - DC Clothesline

I pray she's wrong about that one. Uh-oh---that didn't take long:

Experimental Indeed--UPDATE: 46 residents in Spanish nursing home die after receiving COVID-19 vaccine Lifesitenews

  • 29 elderly people died in Norway shortly after receiving Pfizer’s vaccination.

  • 13 deaths among 40 residents following vaccination at one nursing home in Germany were dismissed as “tragic coincidence.”

  • 10 deaths in a German palliative care patients within hours to four days of COVID-19 vaccination were deemed a “coincidence.”

  • 22 of 72 residents of a nursing home in Basingstoke, England have died following vaccination.

  • 24 seniors at a nursing home in Syracuse, NY were reported to have died from COVID-19 as of January 9, 2021 despite having been vaccinated beginning December 22, 2020.

  • 10 cases of COVID-19 were reported on January 28 among seniors who had received both doses of Pfizer’s vaccine at one care home in Stockholm Sweden. The residents were vaccinated on December 27 and again on January 19.

  • The COVID-19 death toll in the small British enclave of Gibraltar numbered 16 before it launched its Pfizer vaccination campaign on January 10, 2021 and then shot up to 53 deaths 10 days later and to 70 seven days after that. According to a Reuters report, the Gibraltar Health Authority declared there was “no evidence at all of any causal link” between 6 of the deaths that were investigated and the Pfizer’s vaccine, despite the individuals having tested negative for Covid-19 before vaccination,  but positive “in the days immediately after.”

  • 4,500 COVID-19 cases in Israel occurred in patients after they had received one dose of Pfizer’s vaccine and 375 of those vaccinated patients required hospitalization, Israeli news media reported on January 12. 

  • Seven adults living in a care home in Saskatoon tested positive for coronavirus a week after residents were vaccinated at the Sherbrooke Community Centre, the CBC reported. There were no positive cases at the time of vaccination. 

  • Seven residents at a Montreal long-term care facility tested positive for Covid-19 within 28 days of being vaccinated with Pfizer’s vaccine, prompting the province of Quebec to delay the second Pfizer dose. 

  • Abercorn Care Home in Scotland, which began COVID-19 vaccinations on December 14, 2020 was home to an outbreak of the virus by January 10 and the National Health Service for the region refused to comment on whether vaccinated residents were ill. A care home staff group founder told the Scottish Daily Record : “We have had members of our group whose parents have had the vaccine and then two weeks later have tested positive for coronavirus.”

  • All of the residents at a home in Inverness, Scotland were vaccinated against COVID-19 early in January, but 17 became infected with the virus after the first dose. ".......

NY Mag admits Fauci “hot-wired” coronavirus with gain-of-function engineering - DC Clothesline

"A disaster for Fauci's credibility. He's been calling for schools to reopen for months, noting that spread among children is minimal. Now he's saying they can't open until Biden's uber-political stimulus bill passes? Science changes based on what's on the Senate floor?"

"So in July, Walensky told her own school district, in writing, if people are masked it is quite safe and much more practical to be at 3 feet for the middle/high schools and even late grade schools. But now as CDC Director, she says six feet is needed."

German parliament ratifies Agenda ID2020 and Bill Gates’ “vaccination package” for global depopulation – 

Lockdown Sceptics – Stay Sceptical. Control the Hysteria. Save Lives.

Real life study: Masked schoolchildren are harmed physically, psychologically, behaviorally and suffer from 24 distinct health issues (

New Research Review Says HCQ Plus Zinc Reduces COVID-19 Deaths (

Teachers unions resist reopening schools despite CDC guidance and rising suicide rates amid youth | One America News Network (

NYT Surveys 175 Pediatric Doctors on Schools - Nearly All of Them Said to Open (

COVID Outliers: Why are Swedish Towns Banning Masks? | The National Interest

“People are afraid to speak about liberty” | Manny Montenegrino on lockdowns & Charter rights – Blazing Cat Fur

COVIDICTATORS DOWN UNDER: Melbourne Locks Down 6.5 Million Residents AGAIN Due To 13 Cases Of UK COVID Strain In A Quarantine Facility (

UC Berkeley reverses its absurd ban on outdoor exercise - American Thinker

Rep. ScaliseBREAKING → Every Democrat on the Energy and Commerce Committee—including the ones from New York—BLOCKED my amendment to require New York to turn over ALL the data on nursing home deaths we now know they've been purposefully hiding. Why are they STILL covering for Cuomo?

Rapper Pitbull Warns About COVID Communism in America | PragerU

Heil Whitler! Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Thanks for the Sacrifices - The Rush Limbaugh Show

* (Gramps Rabid, MI) Gov. Gretchen Whitmer will host the next meeting of the NDGKGA, the National Democrat Granny-Killer Governors Association.

Cuomo Aide Admits to Hiding Nursing Home COVID Death Toll to Avoid Legal Scrutiny - The Last Refuge

"Cuomo’s administration was scared the DOJ would use the information to arrest them.

NEW YORK – Governor Cuomo’s top aide privately apologized to Democratic lawmakers for withholding the state’s nursing-home death toll from COVID-19 — telling them “we froze” out of fear the true numbers would “be used against us” by federal prosecutors, The Post has learned.

The stunning admission of a cover-up was made by Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa during a video conference call with state Democratic leaders..."

She apologized to crooked politicians for making their lives difficult, not to the families of the murdered elderly for making their loved ones' lives cease?

NY CAUGHT Deleting Gov. Cuomo’s Order that Obliterated Nursing Homes with Covid-19
Sara Carter“The deep state, or whoever, over at the FDA is making it very difficult for drug companies to get people in order to test the vaccines and therapeutics,” tweeted Trump. “Obviously, they are hoping to delay the answer until after November 3rd. Must focus on speed, and saving lives! @SteveFDA.”

He is as frustrated as the American people are about the crisis and with good reason. He has been criticized continuously despite all his efforts to find a cure for COVID-19 and salvage one of the best economy’s our nation has ever seen, as well as the lowest unemployment rate in over 50 years.
Trump is targeted more than the Chinese Communist government that hid the virus from the world and allowed it to spread. He is targeted more than the World Health Organization that lied to the world about the viruses human to human transmission. He is targeted by the Democrats who are using the coronavirus epidemic as a political weapon against him. 

Everyone I speak with feels that the pandemic is being used by those in power as a political weapon. That, in fact, the failure of our lawmakers to find common ground [this includes the administration] as well as a hodgepodge of scientific studies that have attributed to the confusion over Hydroxychloroquine.
Hydroxychloroquine , which has been around for decades to treat Malaria, has become a fixture in the 2020 political battlefield between Trump and those who oppose his Administration’s response to the outbreak.
I was speaking with friends, several who are in the medical field, and asking what they thought of the whole situation. In fact, they said they were just as confused as I was about the use of the medication as a therapeutic to treat the virus or reduce the viral count for those infected. They said that careful studies needed to be done but that it didn’t appear that there were any out there that can actually be trusted enough to make a credible decision.
So I searched the Internet and found only one story that made sense for me in understanding what is going on. It’s an article written by Norman Doidge. He’s a contributing writer for Tablet, who is a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and author of The Brain That Changes Itself and The Brain’s Way of Healing. He said in his article that the controversial drug has become the political football in the age of COVID-19.
In fact, Doidge’s piece offers the best clarification of the discussion surrounding the treatment for COVID-19. It doesn’t offer an answer as to whether Hydroxychlorquine works or doesn’t work. It clarifies the situation and lets us know that we are not alone in our feelings about what is happening and what has happened over the past year."

Dr. Doidge“What is unique about the hydroxychloroquine discussion is that it is a story of “unwishful thinking”—to coin a term for the perverse hope that some good outcome that most sane people would earnestly desire, will never come to pass. It’s about how, in the midst of a pandemic, thousands started earnestly hoping—before the science was really in—that a drug, one that might save lives at a comparatively low cost, would not actually do so. Reasonably good studies were depicted as sloppy work, fatally flawed. Many have excelled in making counterfeit bills that look real, but few have excelled at making real bills look counterfeit. …
As contentious as this debate has been, and as urgent as the need for informed and timely information seems now, the reason to understand what happened with HCQ is for what it reflects about the social context within which science is now produced: a landscape overly influenced by technology and its obsession with big data abstraction over concrete, tangible human experience; academics who increasingly see all human activities as “political” power games, and so in good conscience can now justify inserting their own politics into academic pursuits and reporting; extraordinarily powerful pharmaceutical companies competing for hundreds of billions of dollars; politicians competing for pharmaceutical dollars as well as public adoration—both of which come these days too much from social media; and the decaying of the journalistic and scholarly super-layers that used to do much better holding everyone in this pyramid accountable, but no longer do, or even can. If you think this year’s controversy is bad, consider that hydroxychloroquine is given to relatively few people with COVID-19, all sick, many with nothing to lose. It enters the body, and leaves fairly quickly, and has been known to us for decades. COVID vaccines, which advocates will want to be mandatory and given to all people—healthy and not, young and old—are being rushed past their normal safety precautions and regulations, and the typical five-to-10-year observation period is being waived to get “Operation Warp Speed” done as soon as possible. This is being done with the endorsement of public health officials—the same ones, in many cases who are saying HCQ is suddenly extremely dangerous.
Philosophically, and psychologically, it is a fantastic spectacle to behold, a reversal, the magnitude and the chutzpah of which must inspire awe: a public health establishment, showing extraordinary risk aversion to medications and treatments that are extremely well known, and had been used by billions, suddenly throwing caution to the wind and endorsing the rollout of treatments that are entirely novel—and about which we literally can’t possibly know anything, as regards to their long-term effects. Their manufacturers know this well themselves, which is why they have aimed for, insisted on, and have already been granted indemnification—guaranteed, by those same public health officials and government that they will not be held legally accountable should their product cause injury.
From unheard of extremes of caution and “unwishful thinking,” to unheard of extremes of risk-taking, and recklessly wishful thinking, this double standard, this about-face, is not happening because this issue of public safety is really so complex a problem that only our experts can understand it; it is happening because there is, right now, a much bigger problem: with our experts, and with the institutions that we had trusted to help solve our most pressing scientific and medical problems. Unless these are attended to, HCQ won’t be remembered simply as that major medical issue that no one could agree on, and which left overwhelming controversy, confusion, and possibly unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands in its wake; it will be one of many in a chain of such disasters.”

"If only your grandparents had committed violent crimes, we could have released them from custody. 
But my mom's doing fine, thanks"

"...Janice lost both her in-laws to Cuomo's tender mercies, and her personal tragedy embodies the horror of the state's response: even as healthy persons and safe activities were locked down and stayed locked, the state's policies not only failed to protect those most at risk but, utterly callously, made things worse for them. Yesterday would have been Janice's in-laws sixtieth wedding anniversary. Instead, she found herself talking about whether the monster responsible for the charnel houses of New York's long-term care facilities would ever face justice. As today's Daily Mail reports:

Dean earlier told Mark Steyn: 'This is the biggest bombshell we have had so far. 'We had a trickling in of the numbers. We knew the numbers were much bigger than the governor was admitting.

'Over 15,000 residents died from getting COVID in their nursing homes ... and now the biggest bombshell coming from the New York Post that his secretary, Melissa DeRosa admitted that they covered it all up.

'We need to see these people on the stand, with a jury, with us, the people that lost our loved ones, in the audience to see them tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

'Justice needs to be served.

'We don't have our loved ones here today, but by God, I am here to be a voice for all of them.'"

Malliotakis: Cuomo Aide Who Knew of Nursing Home Cover-up Appointed as Biden Adviser on Virus (

David Klinghoffer"There is no God but Science and Fauci is His messenger. I started really worrying in May when I watched a humiliating video in which a couple of prominent rabbis, representing my own religious community, conducted a supremely fawning interview with Fauci, pledging to keep their own synagogues shut even after the government gave permission to open. At one point they sang a psalm for him. ...As Dr. West explains, for all the blessings of science, there are problems with saying, as some literally have done, “In Fauci we trust.” C. S. Lewis foresaw that this was the direction in which our culture was headed, as we place faith in scientific bureaucrats, handing over our freedom to them overnight.".......

“Biden wants to open our borders to world but close the borders of Florida.”

Florida is making the Democrat Slave States look bad.

Here, Usurper Biden and War Criminal Tony Franken-Fauci try to tag-team Gov. Ron DeSantis into submission, to turn Florida a failed state like the ones run by Granny-killing Democrat governors.

"Also on the call were “Deep State” Dr. Fauci and acting CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, both of whom championed Biden’s idea and told DeSantis that surging cases in Florida threatened to undermine the federal government’s expansive efforts to mitigate spread across the country. Florida, Dr. Fauci said, was the epicenter of Covid-19 mutations, and argued that new variants accounted for between 15-35% of new cases in Florida.

Walensky argued on the call that any attempt by DeSantis to resist a federally mandated travel ban would be immoral, selfish, and possibly illegal.

Biden echoed her words, and he berated DeSantis for having left Florida’s economy open during “the dark days of Covid.” Moreover, Biden claimed he had unilateral and constitutional authority to protect the nation’s health from “rogue politicians” acting in contravention of established health guidelines.

DeSantis’s initial reply was brief and blunt: “I will not comply,” he said, and then cited the CDC’s own statistics showing a nationwide decline in active Covid-19 cases.

Florida had arrested the spread of Covid-19, DeSantis argued, and accused Biden of targeting Republican states that supported Donald Trump.

“Florida absolutely will not comply,” DeSantis repeated. “Instituting a travel ban or restriction of movement would be a gross example of federal overreach with no grounding in law or science. We have Covid-19 in check, and you’re trying to exert unlawful authority over our state and its people,” he chided Biden.

Biden then tacitly threatened to withhold federal funding and to deny Florida access to Covid-19 vaccinations.

“C’mon, man, Florida needs our help, and you need vaccines, which are hard to come by, isn’t that right, Dr. Fauci,” Biden said.

The “Deep State” doctor replied in the affirmative, telling DeSantis that he expects the prevalence of the UK variant to double or triple every week to 10 days.

“Governor, do you want to be responsible for reinfecting the nation? Truth is, we don’t even know how effective current vaccines are against the UK strain.”

DeSantis told Dr. Fauci he trusted his own state health authorities over financially incentivized federal officials.

“How much do you stand to earn from these vaccines, Dr. Fauci? And, Joe, if you continue with this course of action, I will authorize the state National Guard to protect the movement of Floridians,” DeSantis said.

“Address me as Mr. President or President Biden,” Biden said.

“I will not, and you can go f*ck yourself,” DeSantis said before hanging up.

In closing, it seems obvious that Team Biden favors perpetual lockdowns and a stagnant economy, keeping Americans imprisoned under a de facto state of medical martial law.".......

Speaking Truth to Pantload.

Gov. Ron DeSantis says 64 Florida counties can move on to ...

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