Saturday, February 13, 2021


We Know What You Did Last Election

And worse, you know.

Via the Treehouse: "The following message is from the office of President Donald Trump:

That wasn’t an Impeachment Trial. That was the gallows Haman built for Queen Esther’s family.

McConnell just called for Actual President Trump to die in prison so he and Biden can finish selling out what’s left of America to the Chinese. Now do you see why the Republican Party must be broken? The only reason they didn’t convict is that it would have broken the Party, exposing their Worldwide Bribery and Kickback Scam for what it is, and cost them trillions.

We really have to ask: did McConnell trade the presidency and the Senate this time to have Nikki Haley installed in 2024?

With the Democrats poised to institutionalize Mail-In Fraud and ban ID, flood the country with illegals and register them, and above all, with no one challenging the CheatWare Machines, why wouldn’t he? Why wouldn't the two wings of the corrupt Uni-Party  leave all the Election Fraud in place and simply take turns trading power, fooling the rubes while looting the country?

McConnell says the people attacked their government, but the opposite is true. The government--including the corrupt McConnell-- attacked the People by stealing their election. And Pelosi had her own Antifa plants attack the Capitol.

Evidently, they’re not going to stop until there’s a war. Maybe they can’t stop themselves. Maybe when they started down this treasonous path, they committed themselves to totalitarian rule or utter ruin.

If they lay a hand on that man, all bets are off.

God Bless the President of the United States.

 The Actual President--not President Xi or his pet gerbil.


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